Abetment meaning under Section 107 of IPC 1860

Abetment meaning

Introduction:-The word ‘abet’ means ‘help, co-operation, and support,’ and it also refers to an illegitimate reason for committing a crime. It must be demonstrated that the person who has encouraged something has been associated not only to the means of transactions but also to the criminal means of transactions, if someone is to be convicted … Read more

Define Consideration and its Essential Elements ICA 1872

Define Consideration and its Essential Elements

DEFINE CONSIDERATION INTRODUCTION AND ESSENTIAL ELEMENT IN INDIAN CONTRACT ACT, 1872: – One of the elements to support a valid contract is consideration. If a party to a contract intends to do something, something must be reimbursed. The contract is not valid if there is nothing in return. It is defined as “some” thoughts. For … Read more

Public Interest Litigation in India [PIL] with cases

Public Interest Litigation

Introduction of the Cases of PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION (PIL): PIL refers to lawsuit to safeguard the public interest under Indian law. PIL refers to public interest. It is made by himself or a private party in the Court of Justice, not by the aggravated party. A victim of an infringement of his/her right to approach … Read more

Laws related to Child Labour in India [August 2021]

Laws related to Child Labour in India

Introduction of the Indian Laws related to Child Labour: When it comes to child labour in India, it is generally known that child labour exploitation is widespread. Many statutes were enacted by Indian law for the banning of child labour. Millions of children’s childhoods are being suffocated by the modernization race. In 1986, the child … Read more

The Principle of Natural Justice case Laws India

Principle of Natural Justice

Introduction to the Natural Justice Principle: The term natural justice highlighted several fundamental laws of the judicial procedure. There is no law in India that provides for the minimal procedure to be followed in the exercise of their decision making power by administrative authorities. The minimum fair process refers to natural justice concepts. Natural justice … Read more

IPC India – Crime and Its essential elements under IPC 1860

Introduction of the Crime and its essential elements under IPC India, 1860: In every organized society certain action on the pain of punishment are prohibited. Where one person injured another and the injury could be compensated with money. The wrong person needs to pay damages or compensation to the injured person. But in some cases, … Read more